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ABOUT US - Next Level Athletes, Inc.

Bonnie Bremner-Pettigrew
4 time All American and Academic Player at Penn State University
Click here to watch Bonnie lead the Penn State University Volleyball team in the
1999 National Championship game
Titcus Pettigrew
AAU All American and Gatorade Player of the Year

Next Level Athletes was founded by former professional athletes Bonnie Bremner and Titcus Pettigrew.  They saw and addressed the need for skill based training which elevates athletes to the next level of play.  Both Bonnie and Titcus believe in order to build confidence and succeed in any competition players must utilize every resource and extra training they can access.

Our athletes are divided into groups by skill level.  This promotes accelerated learning and allows the athlete to improve their individual skills.   In other words, as an athlete progresses they will move up in level of training. This is comparable to a martial arts program. In order to move up to the next level a player must pass an evaluation and be able to perform certain skills.


  • Sprouts (K-3)  

  • Beginners (2-4)

  • Juniors (4-7)

  • Intermediate (6-9)

  • Advanced (9-12)

  • Masters (Juniors, Seniors, College)

  • Professional (After College)

We specialize in accelerated development techniques in:

  • Volleyball

  • Football 

  • Basketball

  • Tennis

  • Swimming





To ignite passion and empower each athlete

to achieve maximum performance through a

unique comprehensive approach.

We offer the athlete the opportunity to learn proper techniques in their sport, and encourage them to accelerate their level of competition in the game.  At NLA, we believe hard work, extra effort and self discipline builds strong athletes and even stronger young adults.  Whether it is through team camps, clinics or private lessons, we will train your child or your program to strive for excellence. Through testing, and individual evaluation you will be able to rate progress. We specialize in volleyball, basketball, and offer experts in additional sports.

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