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1-on-1 or semi-private lessons are a great way to focus on fundamentals: with repetition and attention to detail.  Specialize in one skill or touch up your overall game.


Information regarding lessons is sent out periodically via email.  Just reply back to the email, and we will schedule a lesson and send you a confirmation email.   Time slots are on a first come basis.  We recommend trying to book a weekly time slot to ensure consistent training.


Unlike other programs (that have a closed door policy) we ask parents (siblings, teammates) to assist in the lesson: catch, hand and shag balls.  This is not mandatory, but it really helps move the lessons smoothly and coaches are able to cover more drills.  However, please allow the coach to do the coaching.


We suggest the players arrive at least 15 minutes early to warm-up and do any individual drills to maximize your time with the coach.  If another lesson is in session, simply find an area of the court not in use and begin practice.  Also, players are almost always given “homework”; if they practice on their own you can expect rapid improvement versus review and repeat drills.


Coaches will often fill out an evaluation, please keep that in your volleyball folder to help us keep track of your training needs.

·24 HOUR notice is needed to cancel a lesson, or you will be charged the full lesson fee.

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