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We offer the athlete the opportunity to learn proper techniques in their sport, and encourage them to accelerate their level of competition in the game.  At NLA, we believe hard work, extra effort and self discipline builds strong athletes and even stronger young adults.  Whether it is through team camps, clinics or private lessons, we will train your child or your program to strive for excellence. Through testing, and individual evaluation you will be able to rate progress. We specialize in volleyball, basketball, and offer experts in additional sports.

At Next Level Athletes Inc, we provide all-inclusive training under one roof.



We provide individual training appointments for various sports in addition to general fitness. Individual training appointments vary from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the sport or desired fitness goals. 


We provide group team training appointments for various sports such as volleyball, basketball, football, and many more. We also provide group training for general fitness. These appointments are typlically an hour to two hours depending on the sport or desired fitness goals.



We provide specific conditioning clinics to enhance your skills and overall endurhance to play your sport or to reach your desired fitness goals. For example, conditioning clinics can be scheduled for a specific sport like basketball or for an individual/small group to prepare for a marathon. 



Next Level Athletes works very closely with  a certified dietition. They work directly with you in regards to the correct and changes and or modifications to your diet to intake the optimal food and beverage needed to perform your sport or desired fitness goal. 


Kristina Conrad-  Is a physical trainer and runs a healthy lifestyle business.   She does training and consulting for Next Level Athletes.   Besides agility and sports training she does nutritional sessions and has even done grocery store tours for our athletes and their families.  She is known to “run a tight ship” and doesn’t let anything slide.  Her results are off the charts! 


Sports Psychology is needed among athletes to enhance and better optimize their game. The right mindset and ability to make mental adjustments will be addressed and reviewed to then apply to a game.


 Christina Tammen is our sports psych. guru and one of our best secret weapons.  For Tammen, the path to improving athletic performance and teamwork is simple enough; it's really just another matter of the heart. She has worked with Olympic athletes and little leagues not just in our country but throughout the world.  Tammen’s style, tone and content are not only motivational she has proven life changing for some athletes.   In addition, she has written a book about sports psychology called C. H. U. M. P. for junior high-aged athletes.  Titcus and Bonnie were privileged to have been coached by the famous Dr. Yukelson at Penn State, and they swear by the power of sports psychology and incorporate it into all areas of training.


Sports Academics is where athletes can meet with Amanda Chorley, a trained college recruiting specialist. She will review necessary documents, video and additional items neededing to be created so that the player is seen and recognized by college recruiters. 


Relaxation and wellness is needed when you train extensively and on a regular basis. Marda Mills, a massage and movement therapist, works on yoga, meditation, massage therapy to relieve tension both mentally and physically.  


Marda Mills – Senior Sports Massage Therapist specializes in neuro work, clinical massage & movement therapy.   She has an office in downtown Naperville and does on site visits to our gyms for “mini sessions” throughout the year.  Marda gets the biggest applause and smiles when she arrives to our clinics with her massage table!   


Diane Coli is our relaxation and wellness professional!  She does sessions in yoga, “eat this and less of that” demos and overall healthy lifestyle counseling.  She has a soft touch and calmness that has really helped our players before tryouts or big tournaments.

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