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Our volleyball training classes emphasize individual player development and the importance of learning the proper techniques in the game.  They are designed to compliment and enhance your volleyball program and regime. We are NOT a volleyball club; we work with many volleyball clubs and high schools. We focus on volleyball fundamentals, court movement, ball control, serving, offensive and defensive systems. Keeping our athletes in top condition will further enhance their ability in the game, therefore, we provide supplemental player conditioning through a partnership with the Speed, Inc staff. You will find consistency in our volleyball training methods as our volleyball clinics are run by coaches who have played at the highest levels and are all trained in the same skill philosophy.  We are committed to providing quality coaching to all athletes. Success comes from hard work, self discipline and proper training. Currently, we are pleased to be training players of ALL abilities - some of the top collegiate volleyball players in the country and some of the greatest kids that were cut from their school teams.



Edward-Elmhurst Health and Fitness Center

6600 IL-53 Woodridge

St. John's

215 S. Lincoln Street, Lombard

1st Alliance Volleyball Training Center

1000 Davey Rd #600, Woodridge

"It's not how BIG you are...
it's how BAD you want it."

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