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Private lessons take any player's game to the next level.  The coach will break down the skill and begin to correct and master the particular skill the player is working on.


The coaches have drills and "tricks of the trade" to help the player grow.  In addition, the athlete will be given "homework" to work on outside the lesson.  At each lesson, we will incorporate conditioning such as speed, agility, core and weight lifting, depending on age level.


Package 1:  

Twice a week for one month                  

1 hour 15 minutes/lesson                  

Price:  $500 - includes lesson and conditioning


Package 2:  

Three times a week for one month                  

1 hour 30 minutes/lesson                 

Price:  $750 - includes lesson and speed training


Package 3:  

Twice a week for one month                 

2 hours/lesson                

Price:  $950 - includes lesson and S.S.T.







To inquire about private lessons, contact us.

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